Wild Water Kingdom

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Wild Water Kingdom Mommaof4Cutiez

Disclosure: Our family was given free tickets and meal vouchers to Wild Water Kingdom in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

As a Cedar Point blogger I was given the opportunity to visit Wild Water Kingdom for a blogger event last Saturday. The trip from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Aurora, Ohio was a long haul, but our family is getting quite used to being on the road this summer.

We drove about 4 hours (mostly through the pouring rain) and wondered if the weather was going to hold out for us. The rain had finally settled down when we got there. Ty was elated and gave me a big thumbs up as he got out of the van.

Wild Water Kingdom Parking Lot

After surveying the water park, they choose what rides they wanted to ride and went at it. Wild Water Kingdom is home to Ohio’s tallest water slide at a breathtaking 100′ plunge. Jr. was the only child who wanted to go down it, but I’m such a mean mom and didn’t let him. Not yet, at least. The steps leading up to it terrified me. There were so many. They did ride some of the other slides though.

Ohio Water slide WWK

Wild Water Kingdom

Because of the rainy weather there wasn’t a lot of people at the park. The kids thought it was the best thing in the world that they didn’t have to wait in any lines.

WWK Ohio

Splash Landing was a lot of fun.  It’s complete with four stories of water slides, gizmos, gadgets, squirt guns, water canyons, and a massive bucket that drops water onto its helpless victims every few minutes. I did not want to be anywhere near that bucket when it dropped. I made that mistake once getting too close to it when it was about to fall. I loved that parents could slide, climb, and play along with their kids at Splash Landing.

WWK MushroomWild Water Kingdom TyWater Wild Kingdom FoodWe choose to use our meal vouchers at the Happy Harbor Café. I noticed right away that they had a gluten free option for those with gluten sensitivities. This is so important and most restaurants don’t think about offering it.

Wild Water Kingdom Cafe WWK Food

The food was great and the view was nice. As expected the food was a bit pricey at $4.00 per soda and no refills, but I know this is how most amusement parks make their money by raising the prices of food and drinks.

WP_20140802_058 WP_20140802_068

The rest of the day we hung out at Tidal Wave Bay.  Ty and Jr. both enjoyed jumping over the waves and splashing in the water. The water was bath water warm and felt heavenly on a chilly, rainy day. There was a boat of lifejackets for those who couldn’t yet swim free of change for all to use.

In spite on the yucky weather, they had a great amount of staff employed and on duty that day. I counted 8 total life guards including a head guard keeping watch over Tidal Bay.

Tidal Wave Pool Wild Water Kingdom

Wild Water Kingdom Wave Pool


Wild Water Kingdom Liquid Lightening

Wild Water Kingdom Ty & JR

Overall, Wild Water Kingdom was clean, well staffed, and well maintained. I would highly recommend and we look forward to visiting again soon.

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