Miss Humblebee’s Academy

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Establish a good foundation for learning,

Get kids ready to kindergarten,

Enter kindergarten with confidence.

I had the privilege of getting the scoop on Miss Humblebee’s Academy with a phone call from Miss Humblebee herself. She is truly an amazing person!

From childhood, Crystal, CEO and founder of Miss Humblebee’s Academy, wanted to have a positive influence on children’s lives. The name, Miss Humblebee, came about because she always wanted to remember to be humble in life, and to help children find their voice.

What is Miss Humblebee’s Academy? It’s a play-based, fully interactive, and fun learning experience for preschoolers.

It uses common core state standards and core studies including: math, science & social studies, art, music, reading.

  • Available on computer & tablet.
  • Books, music, songs, printables, and more.
  • Progress reports.
  • Hundreds of lessons.
  • Sound cues explain to the child exactly how to navigate the pages.
  • You can choose which lessons you want to work on, or go in order.

What did I think? The music is totally rockin’.  JR actually got up off the couch and started dancing to the song, “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes”. The characters are super cute and very relatable.


The music room itself is impressive. The selection is great and the songs are educational, yet fun and engaging. As you go through the lessons, your child will earn honeycomb coins, puzzle pieces, and stickers. These rewards can then be turned in at the honeycomb shop. Jr. really loved this part of the program.

Progress reports are very easy to read and very informative. There was a week that went by that Jr. hadn’t used Miss Humblebee’s Academy. The progress report that was e-mailed to me actually gave me tips to help him remember to login. I thought that was really neat.

One more thing I really wanted to include that stuck out at me is that for every membership purchased, one will be given to a child in need. How cool is that?

You can see from the pictures below that Jr. really enjoys the program. Sorry about the picture quality. I had a hard time fighting the glare from the computer.
20140226_182928 20140226_182920 20140226_182911

Want to learn more about Miss Humblebee’s Academy? You can watch this video here.

Are you excited about what you see? One lucky reader will win their very own subscription to Miss Humblebee’s Academy! To enter, follow the Rafflecopter instructions below.

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  1. Kathy says

    This sounds wonderful! I’d never heard of Miss Humblebee’s Academy before–I will definitely check it out for my grandson!

  2. Elsie says

    I hadn’t heard of this program before, I am very impressed by the examples shown on this site…Seems very worthwhile!

  3. cindy jones says

    I have not heard of miss humblebees academy but im very impressed with the lessons I saw on this blog.

  4. allyson tice says

    I had never heard of this program before! It looks awesome! my 4 year old and 2 year old would have a ball with this!

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