Making Old Fashioned Butter From Raw Milk

Most of you have probably made butter when you were younger. I remember doing it as a girl scout! Our family supports local farmers and we get raw milk each week from our friends at Moonique Dairy. Yes, we have a milk man! :)

We don’t have fancy machinery at our house, so we use muscle and kid power to get the job done the old fashioned way. You will need a Mason jar, a medicine dropper (or a turkey baster), and raw milk. If you let the milk set in the fridge overnight you will see the cream settle to the top. You want the cream to settle to the top before starting.

Take the turkey baster (or the medicine dropper) and carefully transfer from milk to Mason jar being sure to transfer cream only.
This also doubled as a great Montessori transfer activity!
I filled it about half way. This is what it looks like in the Mason jar.
Seal the jar and start shaking away. All the kids get a turn shaking in our house. LA asked me while I took this picture, “really mom? Is this going on your blog? Please don’t take my picture right now.” Hehe….I sure did LA.
This is what it looks like after about 20 minutes of shaking. It has went through mom, LA, TY, and JR. Daddy doesn’t get to take a turn since he’s still recovering from surgery.
Shaking reading a book? Totally Kylie…
If you look closely you will see a big ball has formed. This is what you want. I kind of guess when it’s finished. Approximately a half hour or so.
I emptied the big wad into a container.
Separate the butter from the whey. Squeeze the wad out and keep squeezing until water runs clear and all whey is removed. Caution: this step is really goopy and sticky. It can get messy if kids are doing it. :) Rinse with cold water until water runs clear.
Shape, salt to desired taste, cover, and place in Fridge.
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  1. says

    I did this once when I had a home daycare. It was fun. We put the milk (cream I think) in baby food jars and each of the kids made their own butter. It was very tasty on crackers! I was dizzy from all the shaking though! Looks like you guys made alot of butter in that mason jar. Yum!

    • says

      Yum!! Thanks for the idea of putting it on crackers Kristy!! lol about being dizzy. For sure!! That’s why I make the kids take turns. hehe…plus it’s a sneaky arms workout. :) Yes, we did get quite a bit. I love using natural butter as opposed to the butter that has all the trans fats in it. :)

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